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Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets and Workbooks
Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets and Workbooks
Not all worksheets and workbooks should be available to everyone. You can hide sensitive
information without deleting it by hiding selected worksheets or workbooks. For example,
if you want to share a workbook with others, but it includes confidential employee salar-
ies, you can simply hide a worksheet. Hiding worksheets does not affect calculations in
the other worksheets; all data in hidden worksheets is still referenced by formulas as ne-
cessary. Hidden worksheets do not appear in a printout either. When you need the data,
you can unhide the sensitive information.
Hide a Worksheet
Click the sheet tab you want to hide.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Format button, point to Hide & Unhide , and then click Hide Sheet .
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