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Microsoft Excel 2013 is a spreadsheet program that you can use to track and analyze sales,
create budgets, and organize finances—both business and personal. You can also use Ex-
cel to manage inventory, set up investment reports or create loan amortizations. Excel is a
financial tool for performing calculations and other tasks automatically, which allows you
to accomplish a variety of business or personal tasks in a fraction of the time it would take
using pen and paper.
This chapter introduces you to the terminology and the basic Excel skills you can use
in the program. In Excel, files are called workbooks . Each new workbook contains a de-
fault setting (which you can change) of three worksheets , which are similar to the pages
in an accountant’s ledger. You can format the worksheets for your specific project at hand,
or you can download pre-made templates from Microsoft’s Office Online web site.
With the results-oriented visual interface, you navigate through various tasks with a
click of the mouse, or by using shortcut keys on your keyboard. Excel is set up with a tab-
based Ribbon and dialog boxes that provide you with the tools you need when you need
them to get tasks done. The customizable Quick Access Toolbar gives you easy access to
commonly-used commands, such as Save and Print.
When you finish the design of your worksheet you can save it in a more efficient XML
format or as a PDF or XPS document, send it through e-mail for review, or even collab-
orate and share it with co-workers using a SkyDrive or SharePoint site. Should something
happen to your workbook or worksheets, Excel has a recovery feature designed to help
recover your worksheet.
Starting Excel
The two quickest ways to start Microsoft Excel are to select it on the Start screen (Win 8)
( New ! ) or on the Start menu (Win 7). Excel lets you work the way you like and start pro-
grams with a click of a button. When you start Excel, a program window opens, display-
ing the Start screen ( New ! ) where you can create or open a document in order to quickly
get started.
Start Excel
Start Windows, if necessary, and then use the method for your Windows ver-
Windows 8. Display the Start screen; click or tap the Start button on the
Charm bar.
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