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Viewing the Excel Window
Viewing the Excel Window
Using the Ribbon
The Ribbon is a results oriented way of working in Excel 2013. The Ribbon is located at
the top of the document window and is comprised of tabs that are organized by task or
objects. The controls on each tab are organized into groups , or subtasks. The controls, or
command buttons , in each group execute a command, or display a menu of commands
or a drop-down gallery. Controls in each group provide a visual way to quickly make doc-
ument changes. The File tab displays Backstage view, where you can access file-related
If you prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse to access commands on the Rib-
bon, Excel provides easy to use shortcuts. Simply press and release the or key to
display KeyTips over each feature in the current view, and then continue to press the let-
ter shown in the KeyTip until you press the one that you want to use. To cancel an action
and hide the KeyTips, press and release the or key again. If you prefer using the
keyboard shortcuts found in previous versions of Excel, such as Ctrl+P (for Print), all the
keyboard shortcuts and keyboard accelerators work exactly the same in Excel 2013.
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