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Clearing Conditional Formatting
Clearing Conditional Formatting
If you no longer need the conditional formatting applied to a cell, range, table, or PivotT-
able, you can quickly clear the formatting using any of the Clear Rules commands on the
Conditional Formatting menu. You can clear rules from selected cells, entire sheet, table,
or PivotTable. When you clear conditional formatting rules, the contents of the cell, range,
table or PivotTable remain intact. Only the cell formatting is removed.
Clear Conditional Formatting Rules
Select the cell or range with the conditional formatting rules you want to clear.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Conditional Formatting button, and then point to Clear Rules .
Click the clear rule option you want:
Clear Rules from Selected Cells.
Clear Rules from Entire Sheet.
Clear Rules from This Table.
Clear Rules from This PivotTable.
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