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Creating Sparkline Formatting
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Creating Sparkline Formatting
A sparkline is a tiny chart in the background of a cell that provides a visual for a data
range. Sparklines are useful for showing trends in a series of data, which you can print in
a worksheet. You can display line, column, and win/loss charts. After you create a spark-
line chart, you can format it using the Design tab under Sparkline Tools. You can quickly
select a Quick Style layout or set individual options, such as chart type, sparkline color,
marker color, axis display, and control points (high, low, first, last, or any negative val-
ues). If you have several sparkline cells, you can group them together. If you no longer
want to use a sparkline, you can clear it. Since a sparkline is embedded, you can still enter
text in the cell. You can create a sparkline format using the Quick Analysis tool ( New ! )
for a data range or the Insert tab for a destination cell.
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