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Change Sparkline Formatting
Change Sparkline Formatting
Select the cell with the sparkline you want to change.
Click the Design tab under Sparkline Tools.
To edit the data or handle empty cells or zero values, click the Edit Data but-
ton arrow, and then click the data option you want:
Edit Group Location & Data.
Edit Single Sparkline’s Data.
Hidden & Empty Cells.
To format a sparkline, select options on the Design tab in any of the following
Type. Select a type button ( Line , Column , or Win/Loss ) to change the type.
Show. Select or clear check boxes to show or hide points or markers on the
Style. Select a built-in style or click the Sparkline Color or Marker Color
buttons to select your own colors.
Group. Click the Axis button to change the scaling and visibility of each
sparkline axis, or click the Group or Ungroup buttons to group or ungroup
sparklines to share formatting.
To clear a sparkline, click the Clear button arrow, and then click Clear Selec-
ted Sparklines , or Clear Selected Sparkline Groups .
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