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Adding Color and Patterns to Cells
Adding Color and Patterns to Cells
You can fill the background of a cell with a color and a pattern to make its data stand
out. Fill colors and patterns can also lend consistency to related information on a work-
sheet. On a sales worksheet, for example, formatting all fourth-quarter sales figures with a
blue background and all second-quarter sales with a yellow background would make each
group of figures easy to identify. You can use fill colors and patterns in conjunction with
text attributes, fonts, and font colors to further enhance the appearance of your worksheet.
If you no longer need cell shading, you can remove it by using No Fill.
Apply Solid Colors to Cells
Select a cell or range you want to apply cell color.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Fill Color button arrow, and then click the color on the palette you
To apply the most recently selected color, click the Fill Color button.
To remove the cell shading, click the Fill Color button arrow, and then click
No Fill .
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