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Adding Custom Colors
Adding Custom Colors
In addition to the standard and theme colors, Excel allows you to add more colors to your
workbook. These additional colors are available on each color button palette on the Rib-
bon or in a dialog box, such as the Fill Color or Font Color button. These colors are useful
when you want to use a specific color, but the workbook color theme does not have that
color. Colors that you add to a workbook appear in all color palettes and remain in the
palette even if the color theme changes.
Add a Color to the Menus
Click the Font Color button on the Home tab, and then click More Colors .
This is one method. You can also use other color menus to access the Colors
dialog box.
Click the Custom tab.
Click the Color model list arrow, and then click RGB or HSL .
Select a custom color using one of the following methods:
• If you know the color values, enter them, either Hue, Sat, Lum, or Red,
Green, and Blue.
• Drag across the palette until the pointer is over the color you want. Drag the
black arrow to adjust the amount of black and white in the color.
The new color appears above the current color at the bottom right.
Click OK .
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