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Adding Borders to Cells
Adding Borders to Cells
The light gray grid that appears on the worksheet helps your eyes move from cell to cell.
Although you can print these gridlines, sometimes a different grid pattern better emphas-
izes your data. For example, you might put a decorative line border around the title or a
double-line bottom border below cells with totals. You can add borders of varying colors
and widths to any or all sides of a single cell or range. If you prefer, you can draw a border
outline or grid directly on a worksheet.
Apply or Remove a Border Using the Ribbon
Select a cell or range to which you want to apply a border.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Borders button arrow.
To apply the most recently selected border, click the Borders button.
Select a border from the menu.
To remove cell borders, click No Border .
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