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Formatting Tabs and Background
Did You Know?
You can quickly switch between Draw Border and Draw Border Grid.
Click the Borders button arrow on the Home tab, click Draw Border or
Draw Border Grid. Hold down the Ctrl key to switch to the other border
drawing cursor.
You can use the Select All button. To place a border around the entire
worksheet, click the Select All button, and then apply the border.
Formatting Tabs and Background
Depending on your screen size, the sheet tabs at the bottom of your workbook can be hard
to view. You can add color to the sheet tabs to make them more distinguishable. If you
want to add artistic style to your workbook or you are creating a web page from your
workbook, you can add a background picture. When you add a background to a work-
sheet, the background does not print, and it’s not included when you save an individual
worksheet as a web page. You need to publish the entire workbook as a web page to in-
clude the background.
Add or Remove Color to Worksheet Tabs
Click the sheet tab you want to color.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Format button, point to Tab Color , and then do any of the follow-
Add. Click a color.
Remove. Click No Color .
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