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Copying Cell Formats
Copying Cell Formats
After formatting a cell on a worksheet, you might want to apply those same formatting
changes to other cells on the worksheet. For example, you might want each subtotal on
your worksheet to be formatted in italic, bold, 12-point Times New Roman, with a dollar
sign, commas, and two decimal places. Rather than selecting each subtotal and applying
the individual formatting to each cell, you can paint (that is, copy) the formatting from
one cell to others. The Format Painter lets you “pick up” the style of one section and ap-
ply, or “paint,” it to another. To apply a format style to more than one item, double-click
the Format Painter button on the Home tab instead of a single-click. The double-click
keeps the Format Painter active until you want to press Esc to disable it, so you can apply
formatting styles to multiple elements in your workbook.
Apply a Format Style Using the Format Painter
Select a cell, range, or object containing the formatting you want to copy.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Format Painter button.
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