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Understanding Color Themes
If you double-clicked the Format Painter button, drag to select the cell or click
the object to which you want to apply the format, and then press Esc when
you’re done.
Did You Know?
You can use the Esc key to cancel format painting. If you change your
mind about painting a format, cancel the marquee by pressing Esc.
Understanding Color Themes
A theme helps you create professional-looking workbooks that use an appropriate balance
of color for your workbook content. You can use a default color theme or create a custom
Themes in Excel are made up of a palette of twelve colors. These colors appear on col-
or palettes when you click a color-related button, such as Fill Color or Font Color button
on the Home tab or in a dialog box. These twelve colors correspond to the following ele-
ments in a workbook:
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