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Viewing and Applying a Theme
Viewing and Applying a Theme
A theme consists of theme colors, fonts, and effects. You can quickly format an entire
workbook with a professional look by applying a theme. Office comes with more themes
and styles. To quickly see if you like a theme, point to one on the themes gallery to display
a ScreenTip with name and information about it, and a live preview of it on the current
workbook. If you like the theme, you can apply it. When you apply a theme, the back-
ground, text, graphics, charts, and tables all change to reflect the theme. You can choose
from one or more standard themes. When you add new content, the workbook elements
change to match the theme ensuring all of your material will look consistent. You can even
use the same theme in other Microsoft Office programs, such as Word and PowerPoint, so
all your work matches. Can’t find a theme you like? Search Microsoft on the
View and Apply a Theme
Open the workbook you want to apply a theme.
Click the Page Layout tab.
Click the Themes button to display the themes gallery.
Point to a theme.
A live preview of the theme appears in the workbook, along with a ScreenTip.
Click the theme you want to apply to the active workbook.
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