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Creating Theme Colors
Creating Theme Colors
You may like a certain color theme except for one or two colors. You can change an exist-
ing color theme and apply your changes to the entire workbook. You can add other custom
colors to your theme by using RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) or HSL (Hues, Saturation, and
Luminosity) color modes. The RGB color mode is probably the most widely used of all
the color modes. You can accomplish this by using sliders, dragging on a color-space, or
entering a numeric value that corresponds to a specific color. Once you create this new
color theme, you can add it to your collection of color themes so that you can make it
available to any workbook.
Apply or Create Theme Colors
Open the workbook you want to apply a color theme.
Click the Page Layout tab.
To apply theme colors to a document, click the Theme Colors button, and then
click a color theme.
• To apply individual theme colors, click an element, click a color button, such
as Font Color, and then click a theme color.
To create theme colors, click the Theme Colors button, and then click Cus-
tomize Colors .
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