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Choosing Theme Fonts
Choosing Theme Fonts
A workbook theme consists of theme colors, fonts, and effects. Theme fonts include head-
ing and body text fonts. Each workbook uses a set of theme fonts. When you click the
Theme Fonts button on the Page Layout tab, the name of the current heading and body
text font appear highlighted in the gallery menu. To quickly see if you like a theme font,
point to one on the menu, and a live preview of it appears on the current worksheet. If
you want to apply the theme, click it on the menu. You can apply a set of theme fonts to
another theme or create your own set of theme fonts.
Apply and Choose Theme Fonts
Open the document you want to apply theme fonts.
Click the Home tab.
Select the cell or range you want to change, click the Font list arrow, and then
click the theme font you want.
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