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Choosing Theme Effects
Did You Know?
The Font Color button on the Ribbon displays the last font color you
used. To apply this color to another selection, simply click the button,
not the list arrow.
Choosing Theme Effects
A workbook theme consists of theme colors, fonts, and effects. Theme effects are sets
of lines, fills, and special effects styles for shapes, graphics, charts, SmartArt, and other
design elements. By combining the lines, fills, and special effects styles with different
formatting levels (subtle, moderate, and intense), Excel provides a variety of visual theme
effects. Each workbook uses a set of theme effects. Some are more basic while others are
more elaborate. When you click the Theme Effects button on the Page Layout tab, the
name of the current theme effects appears highlighted in the gallery menu. While you can
apply a set of theme effects to another theme, you cannot create your own set of theme
effects at this time.
View and Apply Theme Effects
Open the document you want to apply a theme effect.
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