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Creating a Custom Theme
Did You Know?
You can delete a custom theme effects or fonts. On the Page Layout
tab, click the Theme Effects or Theme Fonts button or the More list ar-
row, right-click the theme you want to edit, click Edit, click Delete, and
then click Yes.
See Also
See “ Viewing and Applying a Theme ” on page 163 for information on
applying a theme from the Themes gallery.
Creating a Custom Theme
If you have special needs for specific colors, fonts, and effects, such as a company sales or
marketing document, you can create your own theme by customizing theme colors, theme
fonts, and theme effects, and saving them as a theme file (.thmx), which you can reuse.
You can apply the saved theme to other workbooks. When you save a custom theme, the
file is automatically saved in the Document Themes folder and added to the list of custom
themes used by Office 2007-2013 and other Office programs. When you no longer need a
custom theme, you can delete it.
Create a Custom Theme
Click the Page Layout tab, and then create a theme by customizing theme col-
ors, theme fonts, and theme effects.
Click the Themes button, and then click Save Current Theme .
Type a name for the theme file.
Click Save .
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