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Choosing a Custom Theme
Choosing a Custom Theme
When you can create your own theme by customizing theme colors, theme fonts, and
theme effects, and saving them as a theme file (.thmx), you can apply the saved theme to
other workbooks. When you save a custom theme file in the Document Themes folder,
you can choose the custom theme from the Themes gallery, available on the Page Layout
tab. If you save a custom theme file in another folder location, you can use the Browse for
Themes command to locate and select the custom theme file you want to reuse. When you
no longer need a custom theme, you can delete it from the Browse dialog box.
Choose and Apply a Custom Theme
Open the workbook you want to apply a custom theme.
Click the Page Layout tab.
Click the Themes button to see additional themes.
Custom themes are at the top of the gallery and Office themes are below it.
Point to gallery to display the theme name, and then click the one you want.
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