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Applying and Creating Cell Styles
Applying and Creating Cell Styles
A cell style is a defined collection of formats—font, font size, attributes, numeric formats,
and so on—that you can store as a set and later apply to other cells. For example if you
always want subtotals to display in blue 14-point Times New Roman, bold, italic, with
two decimal places and commas, you can create a style that includes all these formats. A
cell style can help you quickly create a consistent look for your workbook. If you plan to
enter repetitive information, such as a list of dollar amounts in a row or column, it’s often
easier to apply the desired style to the range before you enter the data. That way you can
simply enter each number, and Excel formats it as soon as you press Enter. You can use
one of Excel’s built-in cell styles, or create one of your own. Once you create a style, it is
available to you in every workbook. If you need to prevent users from making changes to
specific cells, you can use a cell style that locks cells.
Apply a Cell Style
Select a cell or range you want to apply cell shading.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Cell Styles button, and then click the cell style you want to apply.
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