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Choosing Dialog Box Options
For Your Information: Moving Toolbars and the Ribbon
You can move the Quick Access Toolbar to another location. Click the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar list arrow, and then click Show Below
The Ribbon or Show Above The Ribbon. You can collapse and ex-
pand the Ribbon. To collapse the Ribbon, click the Collapse The Rib-
bon (Ctrl+F1) button on the right side of the Ribbon. To expand the
Ribbon, press Ctrl+F1 or click the Ribbon Display Options, and then
click Show Tabs and Commands. When the Ribbon is collapsed, you
can click a tab to auto expand it. When you click an option or in the
document, the Ribbon minimizes again, just like an auto-hide option.
Changing ScreenTips
You can turn off or change ScreenTips. Click the File tab, click Options,
click General, click the ScreenTip Style list arrow, click Don’t Show
Feature Descriptions In ScreenTips or Don’t Show ScreenTips, and
then click OK.
Choosing Dialog Box Options
A dialog box is a window that opens when you click a Dialog Box Launcher or a link.
Dialog Box Launchers are small arrow icons that appear at the bottom corner of some
groups. When you point to a Dialog Box Launcher, a ScreenTip with a thumbnail of the
dialog box appears to show you which dialog box opens. A dialog box allows you to sup-
ply more information before the program carries out the command you selected. After you
enter information or make selections in a dialog box, click the OK button to complete the
command. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog box without issuing the command.
In many dialog boxes, you can also click an Apply button to apply your changes without
closing the dialog box.
Choose Dialog Box Options
All dialog boxes contain the same types of options, including the following:
Tabs . Each tab groups a related set of options. Click a tab to display its options.
Option buttons . Click an option button to select it. You can usually select only
Up and down arrows . Click the up or down arrow to increase or decrease the
number, or type a number in the box.
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