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Adjusting Page Margins
Adjusting Page Margins
A page margin is the blank areas along each edge of the paper. You can set up page mar-
gins to print your worksheets just the way you want. If you need to quickly set margins,
you can use the Margins button on the Page Layout tab. Otherwise, you can use the mouse
pointer to adjust margins visually for the entire workbook in Page Layout view, or you
can use the Page Setup dialog box to set precise measurements for an entire workbook or
a specific section. You can resize or realign the left, right, top, and bottom margins (the
blank areas along each edge of the paper). Changes made in the Page Setup dialog box are
not reflected in the worksheet window. You can see them only when you preview or print
the worksheet.
Change the Margin Settings
Click the Page Layout tab.
Click the Margins button.
The current margin setting is highlighted on the menu.
Click the option you want from the menu.
Last Custom Setting. Only available if you previously changed margin set-
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