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Customizing Worksheet Printing
Customizing Worksheet Printing
At some point you’ll want to print your worksheet so you can distribute it to others or use
it for other purposes. You can print all or part of any worksheet, and you can control the
appearance of many features, such as whether gridlines are displayed, whether column let-
ters and row numbers are displayed, or whether to include print titles, columns and rows
that are repeated on each page. If you have already set a print area, it will appear in the
Print Area box on the Sheet tab of the Page Setup dialog box. You don’t need to re-select
Print Part of a Worksheet
Click the Page Layout tab.
Click the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher.
Click the Sheet tab.
Type the range you want to print. Or click the Collapse Dialog button, select
the cells you want to print, and then click the Expand Dialog button to restore
the dialog box.
Click OK .
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