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Using the Status Bar
For Your Information: Navigating a Dialog Box
Rather than clicking to move around a dialog box, you can press the
Tab key to move from one box or button to the next. You can also use
Shift+Tab to move backward, or Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move
between dialog box tabs.
Using the Status Bar
The Status bar appears across the bottom of your screen and displays workbook inform-
ation—such as cell mode, theme name, and current display zoom percentage—and some
Excel controls, such as view shortcut buttons, zoom slider, and Fit To Window button.
With the click of the mouse, you can quickly customize exactly what you see on the Status
bar. In addition to displaying information, the Status bar also allows you to check the on/
off status of certain features, such as Signatures, Permissions, Selection Mode, Page Num-
ber, Caps Lock, Num Lock, Macro Recording and Playback, and much more.
Add or Remove Items from the Status Bar
Add Item . Right-click the Status bar, and then click an unchecked item.
Remove Item . Right-click the Status bar, and then click a checked item.
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