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Previewing a Worksheet
Previewing a Worksheet
Before printing, you should verify that the page looks the way you want. You save time,
money, and paper by avoiding duplicate printing. Print Preview shows you the exact
placement of your data on each printed page. You can view all or part of your workbook
as it will appear when you print it. Print Preview shows you the pages based on the prop-
erties of the selected printer. For example, if the selected printer is setup to print color,
Print Preview displays in color. The Print screen on the File tab makes it easy to zoom in
and out to view data more comfortably, set margins and other page options, preview page
breaks, and print.
Preview a Worksheet
Click the File tab, and then click Print .
Click the Zoom to Page button to toggle the zoom in and out to the page.
To adjust margins visually, click the Show Margins button, and then drag the
margin lines where you want.
To switch pages, click the Next Page or Previous Page button, or enter a spe-
cific page in the Current Page box.
If you want to print, click the Print button.
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