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Locating and Inserting Online Pictures
Microsoft Office comes with a vast array of online Clip Art, and there are endless
amounts available through other software packages or on the web. When going online to
look at clips, you can categorize them so that it’s easier to find the best choice for your
workbook. You can use the Microsoft web site to search for and download clip
art images or use Bing image search on the web.
If you need to modify your pictures, you can resize them, compress them for storage,
change their brightness or contrast, recolor them, or change their shape by cropping them.
WordArt is another feature that adds detail to your workbook. Available in other Office
applications, WordArt can bring together your worksheets—you can change its color,
shape, shadow, or size. Because WordArt comes with so many style choices, time spent
customizing your worksheets is minimal.
In Excel and other Microsoft Office programs, you can insert SmartArt graphics to cre-
ate diagrams that convey processes or relationships. Excel offers a wide-variety of built-in
SmartArt graphic types from which to choose, including graphical lists, process, cycle,
hierarchy, relationship, matrix, and pyramid. Using built-in SmartArt graphics makes it
easy to create and modify charts without having to create them from scratch.
Locating and Inserting Online Pictures
If you need a picture to insert into a workbook and don’t have one, you can search for and
insert clip art from ( New ! ) or a picture from the web using Bing Image Search
( New ! ). is a clip gallery that Microsoft maintains on its web site. Clip art in-
cludes photos and illustrations, such as vector images, which are mathematically defined
to make them easy to resize and manipulate. To add an online picture to a workbook, you
click the Online Pictures button on the Insert tab, and then locate, select, and insert the
picture you want.
Locate and Insert Online Clip Art from
Click the Insert tab.
Click the Online Pictures button.
In the Search box, enter search criteria to locate the online picture
you want.
• To cancel the search, click the Close button in the Search box.
Click the Search button or press Enter.
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