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Correcting a Picture
Correcting a Picture
Once you have inserted a picture, you can control the image’s colors, brightness, and con-
trast using Picture tools. The brightness and contrast controls let you make simple adjust-
ments to the tonal range of a picture. The brightness and contrast controls change a picture
by an overall lightening or darkening of the image pixels. In addition, you can sharpen
and soften pictures by a specified percentage. If you want to set unique or multiple op-
tions, you can use the Format Picture pane ( New ! ). You can experiment with the settings
to get the look you want. If you don’t like the look, you can use the Reset Picture button
to return the picture back to its original starting point.
Change Brightness and Contrast or Sharpen and Soften
Click the picture you want to change.
Click the Format tab under Picture Tools.
Click the Corrections button, and then do one of the following:
Brightness and Contrast. Click a brightness and contrast option.
A positive brightness lightens the object colors by adding more white, while
a negative brightness darkens the object colors by adding more black. A pos-
itive contrast increases intensity, resulting in less gray, while a negative con-
trast to decrease intensity, resulting in more gray.
Sharpen and Soften. Click a sharpen and soften option.
To set custom correction percentages, click the Corrections button, click Pic-
ture Corrections Options , specify the options you want in the Format Picture
pane ( New ! ), and then click the Close button in the pane.
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