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8. Drawing and Modifying Shapes
8. Drawing and Modifying Shapes
What You’ll Do
Draw and Resize Shapes
Insert Multiple Shapes
Add Text to a Shape
Draw Lines and Arrows
Create, Edit and Modify Freeforms
Copy and Move an Object
Add a Quick Style to a Shape and Shape Text
Apply Color Fills and Shape Effects
Apply Picture , Texture and Gradient Fills
Add 3-D and Rotation Effects to a Shape
Create Shadows
Align and Distribute Objects
Connect Shapes
Select Objects using the Selection Pane
Change Stacking Order
Rotate and Flip a Shape
Group and Ungroup Shapes
When you want to add objects to a workbook, you can use Microsoft Excel as a drawing
package. Excel offers a wide range of predesigned shapes, line options or freeform tools
that allow you to draw, size, and format your own shapes and forms.
You can add several types of drawing objects to your Excel workbooks—shapes, text
boxes, lines, and freeforms. Shapes are preset objects, such as stars, circles, or ovals. Text
boxes are objects with text, a shape without a border. Lines are simply the straight or
curved lines (arcs) that can connect two points or are used as arrows. Freeforms are irreg-
ular curves or polygons that you can create as a freehand drawing.
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