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Drawing and Resizing Shapes
Once you create a drawing object, you can move, resize, nudge, copy or delete it on
your worksheets. You can also change its style, by adding color, creating a fill pattern, ro-
tating it, and applying a shadow or 3-D effect. Take a simple shape and by the time you
are done adding various effects, it could become an attractive piece of graphic art for your
Object placement on your worksheets is a key factor to all of your hard work. Multiple
objects should be grouped if they are to be considered one larger object. Grouping helps
you make changes later on, or copy your objects to another worksheet. Excel has the abil-
ity to line up your objects with precision—rulers and guides are part of the alignment pro-
cess to help you. By grouping and aligning, you are assured that your drawing objects will
be accurately placed.
Drawing and Resizing Shapes
Excel supplies ready-made shapes, ranging from hearts to lightning bolts to stars. The
ready-made shapes are available directly on the Shapes gallery on the Insert and Format
tabs. Once you have placed a shape on a worksheet, you can resize it using the sizing
handles. Many shapes have an adjustment handle , a small yellow or pink diamond loc-
ated near a resize handle that you can drag to alter the shape. For precision when resizing,
use the Size Dialog Box Launcher to specify the new size of the shape.
Draw a Shape
Click the Insert tab.
Click the Shapes button.
Click the shape you want to draw.
Drag the pointer on the worksheet where you want to place the shape until the
drawing object is the shape and size that you want.
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