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Inserting Multiple Shapes
Inserting Multiple Shapes
If you need to draw the same shape several times on one or more worksheets in your work-
book, you can use Excel’s Lock Drawing Mode to draw as many of the same shapes as
you want without having to reselect it from the Shapes gallery. This can be a timesaver
and save you extra mouse clicks. Excel stays in Lock Drawing Mode until you press Esc.
If a shape doesn’t look the way you want, you can change the shape instead of redrawing
Insert Multiple Shapes
Click the Insert tab.
Click the Shapes button.
Right-click the shape you want to add, and then click Lock Drawing Mode .
Drag the pointer on the worksheet where you want to place the shape until the
drawing object is the shape and size that you want. Continue to draw shapes as
you want in your workbook.
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