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Creating and Editing Freeforms
For line and arrow select a width, compound type (double or triple lines), dash
type, cap type—end of line style (square, round, or flat end), or join
type—style used to connect two lines together (round, bevel, or miter).
For an arrow, select a begin type, end type, begin size, and end size.
Click the Close button in the pane.
Creating and Editing Freeforms
When you need to create a customized shape, use the Excel freeform tools. Choose a free-
form tool from the Lines category in the list of shapes. Freeforms are like the drawings
you make with a pen and paper, except that you use a mouse for your pen and a docu-
ment for your paper. A freeform shape can either be an open curve or a closed curve. You
can edit a freeform by using the Edit Points command to alter the vertices that create the
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