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Copying and Moving Objects
For Your Information: Modifying a Freeform
Each vertex indicated by a black dot (a corner in an irregular polygon
and a bend in a curve) has two attributes: its position, and the angle at
which the curve enters and leaves it. You can move the position of each
vertex and control the corner or bend angles. You can also add or delete
vertices as you like. When you delete a vertex, Excel recalculates the
freeform and smooths it among the remaining points. Similarly, if you
add a new vertex, Excel adds a corner or bend in your freeform. To edit
a freeform, click the freeform object, click the Format tab under Draw-
ing Tools, click the Edit Shape button, click Edit Points, modify any of
the points (move or delete), and then click outside to set the new shape.
Copying and Moving Objects
After you create a drawing object, you can copy or move it. Use the mouse to quickly
move objects, or if you want precise control over the object’s new position, use Excel’s
Size and Position dialog box to specify the location of the drawing object. You can copy a
selected one or more objects to the Office Clipboard and then paste them in other parts of
the current workbook or another existing workbook, or Office document. You can paste
these items, either individually or all at once.
Copy or Move an Object in One Step
Hold down the Ctrl key, and then drag the object to copy it, or simply drag the
object to move it.
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