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Adding a Quick Style to Shape Text
Did You Know?
You can add a Quick Style to a text box. A shape is a text box without
a fill and outline (border), so you can apply a Quick Style to a text box
using the same steps.
You can use a Mini-Toolbar to apply styles, fills, and outlines. Right-
click the object you want to modify, click the Style, Fill, or Outline but-
ton ( New ! ), and then select an option.
Adding a Quick Style to Shape Text
Instead of changing individual attributes of text in a shape, such as text fill, text outline,
and text effects, you can quickly add them all at once with the WordArt Quick Style gal-
lery. The WordArt Quick Style gallery provides a variety of different formatting combina-
tions. To quickly see if you like a WordArt Quick Style, point to a thumbnail in the gallery
to display a live preview of it in the selected shape. If you like it, you can apply it.
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