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Applying Picture Fills
Applying Picture Fills
Applying a shape fill to a drawing object can add emphasis or create a point of interest in
your document. You can insert a picture or clip art into a shape. You can insert a picture
from a file, clip art on ( New ! ), Bing Image Search ( New ! ), online service
( New ! ), such as Flickr, SkyDrive ( New ! ), or Office 365 SharePoint ( New ! ). Stretch a pic-
ture to fit across the selected shape or repeatedly tile it horizontally and vertically to fill the
shape. When you stretch an image, you can also set offsets, which determine how much to
scale an image to fit a shape relative to the edges. A positive offset number moves the im-
age edge toward the center of the shape, while a negative offset number moves the image
edge away from the shape. If the image appears too dark, you can make the picture more
Apply a Picture Fill to a Shape
Select the shape you want to modify.
Click the Format tab under Drawing Tools.
Click the Shape Fill button, and then click Picture .
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