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Applying Texture Fills
Click Insert .
Applying Texture Fills
You can quickly apply a texture fill to a shape by using the Texture gallery or using the
Format Shape pane ( New ! ) to select custom options. Stretch a texture to fit across the se-
lected shape or repeatedly tile the texture horizontally and vertically to fill the shape. If
you tile a texture, you can also set offset, scale, alignment, and mirror options to determine
the appearance of the texture in the selected shape. The offset x and y options determine
how much to scale a texture to fit a shape relative to the edges, while scale x and y options
determine horizontal and vertical scaling. If you want to play with the tile look, you can
change the mirror type to determine whether the alternating tiles display a mirror or flip
image with every other tile. If the texture doesn’t provide enough contrast in the shape,
you can make the texture more transparent.
Apply a Texture Fill to a Shape
Select the shape you want to modify.
Click the Format tab under Drawing Tools.
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