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Applying Gradient Fills
Did You Know?
You can apply a custom picture or texture fill. Right-click the object
you want to modify, and then click Format Shape or Format Object. In
the Format Picture pane ( New ! ), click the Fill & Line button, expand
Fill, click the Picture Or Texture Fill option, select a picture or texture,
select the related options you want, and then click the Close button in
the pane.
Applying Gradient Fills
Gradients are made up of two or more colors that gradually fade into each other. They
can be used to give depth to a shape or create realistic shadows. Apply a gradient fill to
a shape—now including lines—by using a gallery or presets for quick results, or by us-
ing the Format Shape pane ( New ! ) for custom results. A gradient is made up of several
gradient stops, which are used to create non-linear gradients. If you want to create a gradi-
ent that starts blue and goes to green, add two gradient stops, one for each color. Gradient
stops consist of a position, a color, brightness, and a transparency percentage.
Apply a Gradient Fill to a Shape
Select the shape you want to modify.
Click the Format tab under Drawing Tools.
Click the Shape Fill button.
Point to Gradient , and then select a gradient from the gallery.
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