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Apply a Custom Gradient Fill
Apply a Custom Gradient Fill
Right-click the shape you want to modify, and then click Format Shape or
Format Object .
Click the Fill & Lines button under Shape Options ( New ! ), and then expand
Fill .
Click the Gradient fill option.
Click the Preset colors button arrow, and then select the built-in gradient fill
you want.
Click the Type list arrow, and then select a gradient direction.
Click the Direction list arrow, and then select a shading progression; options
vary depending on the gradient type.
If you selected the Linear type, specify the angle (in degrees) the gradient is ro-
tated in the shape.
Specify the following tiling options:
Add. Click the Add button, and then set the gradient stop options you want.
Remove. Select a gradient stop, and then click the Remove button.
Position. Specify a location for the color and transparency change in the
gradient fill.
Color. Click the Color button, and then select a color for the gradient stop.
Brightness. Drag the slider to adjust the brightness color contrast.
Transparency. Drag the slider or enter a number from 0 (fully opaque) to
100 (full transparent) for the selected stop position.
Select the Rotate with shape check box to rotate the gradient with the shape’s
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