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Adding 3-D Rotation Effects to a Shape
Adding 3-D Rotation Effects to a Shape
After you create a 3-D or even a 2-D shape, you can use 3-D rotation options to change the
orientation and perspective of the shape. You can also create a 3-D rotation effect using
one of the preset 3-D rotation styles, or you can use the 3-D rotation tools to create your
own 3-D effect. The settings control with the customization tools include the 3-D rotation
(x, y, and z axis), text rotation, and object position (distance from ground).
Add a 3-D Rotation Effect to a Shape
Select the shape you want to modify.
Click the Format tab under Drawing Tools.
Click the Shape Effects button, and then point to 3-D Rotation .
The current effect appears highlighted in the gallery.
Point to an effect.
A live preview of the style appears in the current shape.
Click the effect you want from the gallery to apply it to the selected shape.
To remove the 3-D rotation effect, click the Shape Effects button, point to 3-D
Rotation , and then click No Rotation .
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