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Aligning and Distributing Objects
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You can add a custom shadow to a shape. Click the shape you want
to modify, click the Format tab, click the Shape Effects button, point to
Shadow, click More Shadows, click the Presets button, select a shadow,
select the color, transparency, size, blur, angle, and distance options you
want, and then click Close.
Aligning and Distributing Objects
In addition to using grids and guides to align objects to a specific point, you can align a
group of objects to each other. The Align commands make it easy to align two or more
objects relative to each other vertically to the left, center, or right, or horizontally from the
top, middle, or bottom. To evenly align several objects to each other across the document,
either horizontally or vertically, select them and then choose a distribution option. Before
you select an align command, specify how you want Excel to align the objects. You can
align the objects in relation to the document or to the selected objects.
Distribute Objects
Select the objects you want to distribute.
Click the Format tab under Drawing Tools.
Click the Align button.
On the Align menu, click the alignment method you want.
• Click Snap to Grid if you want the objects to align relative to the document
• Click Snap to Shape if you want the objects to align relative to each other.
On the Align menu, click the distribution command you want.
• Click Distribute Horizontally to evenly distribute the objects horizontally.
• Click Distribute Vertically to evenly distribute the objects vertically.
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