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Connecting Shapes
Connecting Shapes
Excel makes it easy to draw and modify flow charts and diagrams. Flow charts and dia-
grams consist of shapes connected together to indicate a sequence of events. With Excel,
you can join two objects with a connecting line. There are three types of connector lines:
straight, elbow, and curved. Once two objects are joined, the connecting line moves when
you move either object. The connecting line touches special connection points on the ob-
jects. When you position the pointer over an object, small red handles, known as connec-
tion sites , appear, and the pointer changes to a small box, called the connection pointer.
You can drag a connection end point to another connection point to change the line or
drag the adjustment handle (yellow diamond) to change the shape of the connection line.
After you’re done connecting shapes, you can format connector lines in the same way you
format others lines in Excel, including the use of Shape Quick Styles.
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