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Selecting Objects Using the Selection Pane
Selecting Objects Using the Selection Pane
Sometimes it’s hard to select an object when it is behind another one. With the Selection
task pane, you can now select individual objects and change their order and visibility.
When you open the Selection task pane, Excel lists each shape on the current document
by name (in terms of object type). You can click a shape title to select a “hard-to-select”
object on the document, use the Re-order buttons to change the stacking order on the doc-
ument, or click the eye icon next to a shape title to show or hide “hard-to-see” individual
Select Objects Using the Selection Pane
Display the documents with the objects you want to select.
Click the Format tab under Drawing or Picture Tools.
Click the Selection Pane button.
Titles for all the shapes on the current document appear in the task pane.
To select an object, click the title in the task pane.
To select more than one object, hold down the Ctrl key while you click object
To change the order of the objects, select an object, and then click the Re-order
Move Up or Move Down buttons in the task pane.
To show or hide individual objects, click the eye icon in the task pane.
When you’re done, click the Close button on the task pane.
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