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Rotating and Flipping Objects
Did You Know?
You can view a hidden object in a stack. Press the Tab key or Shift+Tab
to cycle forward or backward through the objects until you select the
object you want.
Rotating and Flipping Objects
After you create an object, you can change its orientation on the document by rotating or
flipping it. Rotating turns an object 90 degrees to the right or left; flipping turns an object
180 degrees horizontally or vertically. For a more freeform rotation, which you cannot
achieve in 90 or 180 degree increments, drag the green rotate lever at the top of an object.
You can also rotate and flip any type of picture–including bitmaps–in a document. This is
useful when you want to change the orientation of an image, such as changing the direc-
tion of an arrow.
Rotate an Object to any Angle
Select the object you want to rotate.
Position the pointer (which changes to the Free Rotate pointer) over the green
rotate lever at the top of the object, and then drag to rotate the object.
Click outside the object to set the rotation.
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