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Moving Around the Workbook
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See “ Splitting a Worksheet into Panes ” on page 129 for more informa-
tion on using the Split button.
Moving Around the Workbook
You can move around a worksheet using your mouse or the keyboard, or your finger
( New ! ) on a tablet or touch screen. You might find that using your mouse or finger to
move from cell to cell is most convenient, while using various keyboard combinations is
easier for quickly covering large areas of a worksheet. Or, you might find that entering
numbers on the keypad and pressing Enter is a better method. Certain keys on the key-
board—Home, End, Delete, Page Up, and Page Down to name a few—are best used as
shortcuts to navigate in the worksheet. If you have a table or touch screen ( New ! ), a tap is
like a click and a tap-hold is like a right-click. However, there is no right way; whichever
method feels the most comfortable is the one you should use.
Use the Mouse or Finger to Navigate
Using the mouse or finger ( New ! ), you can navigate to:
• Another cell
• Another part of the worksheet
• Another worksheet
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