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Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes
Objects can be grouped, ungrouped, and regrouped to make editing and moving them easi-
er. Rather than moving several objects one at a time, you can group the objects and move
them all together. Grouped objects appear as one object, but each object in the group main-
tains its individual attributes. You can change an individual object within a group without
ungrouping. This is useful when you need to make only a small change to a group, such
as changing the color of a single shape in the group. You can also format specific shapes,
drawings, or pictures within a group without ungrouping. Simply select the object within
the group, change the object or edit text within the object, and then deselect the object.
However, if you need to move an object in a group, you need to first ungroup the objects,
move it, and then group the objects together again. After you ungroup a set of objects, Ex-
cel remembers each object in the group and regroups those objects in one step when you
use the Regroup command. Before you regroup a set of objects, make sure that at least
one of the grouped objects is selected.
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