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Use the Keyboard to Navigate
Did You Know?
Microsoft IntelliMouse users can roll from cell to cell with Intel-
liMouse. If you have the new Microsoft IntelliMouse—with the wheel
button between the left and right buttons—you can click the wheel but-
ton and move the mouse in any direction to move quickly around the
You can quickly zoom in or out using IntelliMouse. Instead of
scrolling when you roll with the IntelliMouse, you can zoom in or out.
To turn on this feature, click the File tab, click Options, click Advanced,
select the Zoom On Roll With IntelliMouse check box, and then click
Excel stores a lot of data. Excel supports over 1 million rows and
16 thousand columns in each worksheet, dual-processors and multi-
threaded chips, memory management up to 2 GB, and up to 16 million
Use the Keyboard to Navigate
Using the keyboard, you can navigate in a worksheet to:
• Another cell
• Another part of the worksheet
Refer to the table for keyboard shortcuts for navigating around a worksheet.
Did You Know?
You can change or move cell selections after pressing Enter. When
you press Enter, the active cell moves down one cell. To change the dir-
ection, click the File tab, click Options, click Advanced, select the After
Pressing Enter, Move Selection check box, click the Direction list ar-
row, select a direction, and then click OK.
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