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Changing a Chart Layout and Style
Did You Know?
You can create a pyramid and cone for a 3-D chart. Column and bar
charts no longer show the pyramid and code chart types in the Insert
and Change Chart Type dialog boxes. For a 3-D column or bar chart,
right-click a data series in any 3-D column or bar chart, and then click
Format Data Series. Under Column shape or Bar shape, select the shape
you want ( New ! ).
Changing a Chart Layout and Style
Excel’s pre-built chart layouts and styles can make your chart more appealing and visually
informative. Start by choosing the chart type that is best suited for presenting your data.
There are a wide variety of chart types, available in 2-D and 3-D formats, from which
to choose. For each chart type, you can select a predefined chart layout, style, and color
to apply the formatting you want. If you want to format your chart beyond the provided
formats, you can customize a chart. To change a chart design, you can use layout, style,
and color options on the Design tab under Chart Tools or use the Chart Styles button
( New ! ) (one of three) in the upper-right corner of the chart.
Change a Chart Layout
Select the chart you want to change.
Click the Design tab under Chart Tools.
To change the chart layout, click the Quick Layout button in the Chart Lay-
outs group to see variations of the chart type.
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