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Format a Chart Object
Format a Chart Object
Select the chart element you want to modify.
Click the Format tab under Chart Tools.
Click the Format Selection button.
• You can also double-click a chart element.
In the Format pane ( New ! ), click a button (Fill & Line, Effects, or Options),
expand a category, and then select the options you want.
Some common formatting option categories include the following:
Number to change number formats.
Fill to remove or change the fill color, either solid, gradient, picture, or tex-
Border to remove or change the border color and styles, either solid or
gradient line.
Shadow to change shadow options, including color, transparency, size, blur,
angle, and distance.
3-D Format to change 3-D format options, including bevel, depth, contour,
and surface.
Alignment to change text alignment, direction, and angle.
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