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Format a Chart Data Series
Format a Chart Data Series
Select the chart series you want to modify.
Click the Format tab under Chart Tools.
Click the Format Selection button.
• You can also double-click a chart element.
In the Format pane ( New ! ), click a button (Fill & Line, Effects, or Series Op-
tions), expand a category, and then select the options you want:
Series Options to change the gap width and depth (for 3-D charts), or series
overlap (for 2-D charts), and change the shape to a box, pyramid, cone, or
cylinder (for 3-D charts).
Fill to remove or change the fill, either solid color, gradient, picture, or tex-
Border to remove or change the border color and styles, either solid or
gradient line.
Shadow, Glow, and Soft Edges to change options, including presets, color,
transparency, size, blur, angle, and distance.
3-D Format to change 3-D format options, including bevel, depth, contour,
and surface.
Click the Close button in the pane.
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