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Adding and Deleting a Data Series
For Your Information: Displaying Hidden Data and Empty Cells in
Hidden data in rows and columns of a worksheet is not displayed in a
chart and empty cells are displayed as gaps. In the Select Data Source
dialog box, you can click the Hidden and Empty Cells button to change
the way Excel displays hidden data and empty cells in a chart. You can
set options to show data in hidden rows and columns and show empty
cells as a zero or connect data points with a line.
Adding and Deleting a Data Series
Many components make up a chart. Each range of data that comprises a bar, column, or
pie slice is called a data series ; each value in a data series is called a data point . The data
series is defined when you select a range on a worksheet and then open the Chart Wizard.
But what if you want to add a data series once a chart is complete? You can add a data
series by using the Design tab under Chart Tools, or using the mouse. As you create and
modify more charts, you might also find it necessary to show or hide data ( New ! ), or de-
lete or change the order of one or more data series. You can delete a data series without
re-creating the chart.
Add a Data Series Quickly
Click the chart you want to modify.
Click the Design tab under Chart Tools, and then click the Select Data button.
Click Add .
Enter a data series name, specify the data series range, and then click OK .
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