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Creating a Table
Creating a Table
To create a table in Excel, you can enter data on worksheet cells, just as you do on any
other worksheet data, but the placement of the field names and range must follow these
rules: (1) Enter field names in a single row that is the first row in the list (2) Enter each
record in a single row (3) Do not include any blank rows within the range (4) Do not use
more than one worksheet for a single range. You can enter data directly in the table. Don’t
worry about entering records in any particular order; Excel tools can organize an existing
list alphabetically, by date, or in almost any order you can imagine. You can create a table
in a snap with the Quick Analysis tool ( New ! ) or use the Table button to have a little more
control over the results.
Create a Table
Open a blank worksheet, or use a worksheet that has enough empty columns
and rows for your table.
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