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Creating or Modifying a Table Style
Creating or Modifying a Table Style
Excel Table Quick Styles give any worksheet a professional look, but you may need to
modify a Quick Style to better suit the needs of a particular project. For example, the
Quick Style you applied might be perfect except that the font or color used should be dif-
ferent—to match the rest of your report. You can modify an existing Table Quick Style or
create a new one from scratch. When you create or modify a Table Quick Style, you have
the option to set the table style as the default when you create a new table.
Create or Modify a Table Style
Click the Home tab.
Click the Format as Table button.
Do any of the following:
Create. Click New Table Style .
Modify. Right-click the style you want to change, and then click Modify .
Type a name for the Quick Style.
Select a table element.
Click Format .
Use the Font, Border, and Fill tabs to set formatting options you want, and then
click OK .
Repeat steps 5 through 7 to complete the formatting you want.
Select or clear the Set as default table quick style for this document check
When you’re done, click OK .
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